After a long Maternity Hiatus – I’m Back!

Stefanie Fetterman Ceremonies

Holy Tamoly! What a crazy ride the past two years has been!

Aside from the world-pausing fandango that every single one of us is all too aware of (and sick of talking about) I had a baby – a 7lbs 3oz bundle of gorgeousness whose has changed my life for the better. Quite a few people commented on what a terrible time it was to have a baby, and don’t get me wrong, there were certainly challenges and let downs – such as my husband not being allowed to come for any of the pre-natal scans, or being allowed with me into the hospital until we were almost ready to go – but there were lots and lots of positives. Before my boy arrived, I had a jam-packed summer of weddings planned, which (due to the pandemic) slowly disappeared one by one. It was going to be a tough one…

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