A Humanist Wedding Ceremony at Victoria Warehouse on St. Patrick’s Day!

As some of you may know our founder Stefanie Fetterman trained to become a Humanist Celebrant with Humanists UK last year and is now fully accredited to conduct non-religious weddings. This means that she works alongside couples who wish to hold wedding ceremonies in any place they choose – be that a warehouse, a field, a village hall or even their own back garden!

It totally fits with the Alternative Weddings vibe because it frees up so many more options for how people can tailor their own big days.



On March 17th 2018 Stefanie was asked to conduct the wedding ceremony of Victoria D’Arcy and Matthew Irwin at Victoria Warehouse for an Old School Hollywood themed bash with a bit of a twist.




Both Victoria and Matthew are of Irish descent and coincidentally ended up picking St. Patrick’s day for their wedding. Not wanting to miss an opportunity they decided to honor their Celtic roots by including a romantic hand-fasting in their ceremony (as well as the exchanging of rings) and also sang a raucous rendition of ‘Wild Rover’ instead of a traditional hymn. They even went as far as inviting their guests to toast the newlyweds with a shot of Baileys. The guests clearly could not have been having more fun!



As you can see from the pictures Victoria Warehouse is in no way a traditional wedding venue, it’s a converted cotton mill warehouse with low-ceilings and lots of original industrial features. With a few well placed additions such as an Edison style light bulb rail and pillar candles in beautiful glass holders, the Northern charm of this historical place gelled wonderfully with a lavish wedding theme.

Stefanie Fetterman Ceremonies Alternative Weddings Victoria Warehouse (12)

Stefanie had a lot of fun in the months before the big day planning how to make the ceremony script funny, fitting and heartfelt – telling the history of Matt and Vicky in a playful manner whilst keeping the core values of a wedding ceremony and binding ritual intact. Above all, she made sure their personalities shone through and that their wedding was a celebration of everything they loved the most.


Photos courtesy of Emma Wright Photography.

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