Who We Are and How We Started

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Alternative Weddings Mcr is run by Stefanie Elrick, a performer, writer, artist and producer who lives in Ancoats. Originally from Yorkshire Stefanie came to Manchester to study Drama and English way back when and loved the city so much she has never been able to leave (for very long at least).

In her twenties she was lucky enough to tour the world with various musicians and theatre collectives as far as Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and France. It’s actually quite difficult to find a picture of her from that decade when she’s not in some kind of costume or covered in paint!

Stefanie has also worked at Cornerhouse and  HOME  on a number of films and art exhibitions as a curator and producer. She has always had a creative eye and loves planning events for large audiences such as Cornerhouse’s The Storming and her own immersive theatre project LABOLIS. The transition into alternative weddings couldn’t have been smoother.

This very visual background and a love of the unconventional makes Stefanie’s wedding planning skills unique. She believes every wedding should be personal and fun and reflect the happy couple 100%. She also believes in love ~ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ~ It really is all you need and Stefanie’s over the moon to be able to make other people’s weddings unforgettable.

In 2016/17 she is organising a Ceilidh wedding, a samba wedding, a festival wedding, a village fête wedding, a Californian garden party wedding and a fantasy fairy wedding in a wood! So keep popping back to see pictures of these incredible events as they unfold and of you have something in mind then please get in touch. Stefanie loves a challenge!

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