Helen & Chris Monk’s Wedding at Hope Mill – Ancoats

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Well we knew it would be a challenge organising a wedding the day after New Years but by God was it one worth rising to!

These pics were taken by photographer Nicola Thompson and a couple of sneaky snaps from one of the guests Danny Rowlands.

On New Years day I met Helen and Chris and a team of helpers (mainly their incredible family and friends) and transformed an amazing venue in Ancoats ready for their big day.

Needless to say everyone was a little delicate from the night before but that didn’t stop us from climbing up ladders and stringing a gazillion festoon lights (well, maybe just a couple of thousand) from the beams of the gorgeous Hope Mill Theatre. Helen and Chris had a special vinyl sign made for the floor which looked amazing and was certainly worth the 45mins and four strong team of men it took to stick down without bubbles!!

With a few beautiful decorative touches and the addition of street food catering from The Hip Hop Chip and The Woodland Rover this wedding had a laid back romantic festival feel.

Helen and Chris kept the service casual and didn’t have a DJ choosing to make their own playlists full of their favourite personalised tracks and lovely songs. There were quite a few smooch moments as well a healthy dose of Justin Timberlake.

We had so much fun doing and as you can see from the pics the wedding was as quirky and cute as the couple in question. All the love in the world to Mrs and Mr Monks!

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