Our Top 3 Vendors from Hope Mill’s Alternative Wedding Fayre!

We had a lovely time at Hope Mill’s Alternative Wedding Fayre last week. As well as meeting up with some of our current clients we met lots of new faces and made some exciting connections for 2017. But let’s not beat around the bush, the highlights of the night were meeting the ridiculously talented suppliers bringing artisan cakes, contemporary bouquets, vintage wedding dresses, gluten and diary free truffles, vintage tea sets for afternoon teas and all other manner of nuptial goodies for our couples. Here are our top 3 suppliers and new best friends!


You always hear food critics saying that food ‘melts’ in your mouth, right? But has that ever actually happened to you (not including ice cubes)….us neither. So imagine our surprise when after speaking to the lovely Jessica, maker of said truffles, and being handed a rose flavoured cubed of chocolatedusted lightly with red shimmer we might add, it actually did just that! Crossed somewhere between a truffle and Turkish delight this sumptuous nibble went beyond all expectations, needless to say we tried the full range.


All Jessica’s truffles are gluten and dairy free, so they don’t just taste glorious, they are good for you body too! Perfect for wedding favours!

Alice’s Vintage Pantry

We also met the very lovely Alice who creates gourmet vintage cakes, sandwiches and beautiful spreads for weddings, parties and other events. Not only does she make delicious food for party guests but she also supplies vintage crockery, cups, cake stands and tea sets for it to be served and tea ladies to serve it. Classy!


This set up is ideal for people who want to provide their guests with a lighter lunch or buffet style style serving either before or after their main reception meal, or in some cases instead of!


Lighting is always an important feature of any wedding, you want it warm, you want it ambient, you want it to make everyone look sexy and soft-edged and whatever you choose it needs to compliment the wedding mood. Tatt Light are a company who create vibrant lighting in all shape and sizes based on classic tattoo designs of your choosing.


Want a cartoon giant heart with a cupid’s arrow firing through it, no prob? Want 10 glowing roses hung from the walls of your reception venue, done! Want your own custom design Amy Winehouse complete with Union Jack angel wings, they’ve done it already! No commission too strange or brief too adventurous, check out these guy’s website and you might find all the inspiration you need to turn your wedding into the coolest soiree in town.





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