Nicola Thompson’s Wonderful Wedding Eye

Although we’re in the middle of a freak Mancunian heatwave, I’m reliving a very special wedding from earlier this year through Nicola Thompson’s photography. These pictures make me so warm and fuzzy inside that I had to share.

Helen and Chris were one of my earliest clients and chose to tie the knot the day after New Years. This was a bold move for two reasons, firstly because during set-up pretty much everyone (including myself) was a *little* rough from NYE, and secondly, because Manchester is not famous for its mild weather in the middle of Winter. Helen and Chris got married at Manchester Town Hall and then hired classic buses from Belle Vue to get their guests to Hope Mill in Ancoats, but this still involved a short wait in the rain for some. Did that dampened the good vibes? Of course not!!

What I love most is that Nicola used Manchester’s infamous drizzle to her advantage, getting some amazing pictures that are actually my favourite wedding snaps so far. Nicola’s ability to turn everyday moments into beautifully framed masterpieces, that really are just keeping it real, is very rare and the sign of a real artist at work. Let’s face it, these are the things you’ll remember down the line, the down pours, the broken heels, the bad dancing, the bus full of tipsy guests steaming up the windows and singing “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round!” Nicola has captured these spontaneous gems perfectly and that’s what’s made me fall in love with her style.

Although it was so close to Christmas Helen and Chris didn’t want a typical wintery wedding with baubles and holly and leftover Yuletide glitz, but they did want something cosy, warm and romantic. The Hope Mill Theatre team greeted guests with glasses of steaming mulled wine and the wedding favours were cute little bottles of home brewed Hibiscus gin. Needless to say these were appreciated after the blustery night outside!

The ever fabulous Hip Hop Chip Shop brought their one-of-a-kind cassette tape mobile food van to the reception and of course, what wedding photo album is complete without the cherry on top of the cake, the obligatory shot of some little kid rocking out on the dancefloor, upstaging every single one of the adults. The little cherub below totally stole the wedding show with her perfectly timed pirouette and Nicola was there to capture it. Her images are simply stunning, we can’t wait to work with her again.

Nicola Thompson Photography - Helen & Chris -036 Stefanie Elrick Alternative Weddings Manchester (5)

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