Clare and Gavin Worrall’s Socialist Shebang

We all know the best things in life are worth waiting for – good food, fine wine, the loves of our lives and of course wedding pictures!

Huge thank you to Embee Photography who documented Clare and Gavin Worrall’s wedding and got some really brilliant snaps of the Bride and Groom strutting their stuff around Ancoats. We love it when wedding pictures look more like album covers and luckily our city is full of cool urban spots to make that happen!

Ancoats-Theatre-Photography-Manchester-Wedding-Photographer-Embee-Photography-Best-Photographer-Northwest_Stefanie-Elrick-Alternative-Weddings-Manchester-Wedding Planner (27)

Clare and Gavin’s wedding was planned by Alternative Weddings Manchester and held in July 2016 across two locations. They chose to hold their civil ceremony at the People’s History Museum and their meal and reception at Hope Mill Theatre in Ancoats, with catering by Samuel Tompkins and homemade gingerbread rum favors made by the Bride and Groom themselves.

Clare and Gavin were the loveliest couple who above all, wanted to have a laugh during their big day. They had some very strong ideas about keeping the reception relaxed, informal and most of all fun for their guests.

Working closely with Alternative Weddings MCR over the course of a year we designed a day that reflected their personalities perfectly, including special touches such as a pub games corner provided by the Games Master himself Ian Pryer and gingerbread men that looked like the Bride and Groom themselves.Ancoats-Theatre-Photography-Manchester-Wedding-Photographer-Embee-Photography-Best-Photographer-Northwest_Stefanie-Elrick-Alternative-Weddings-Manchester-Wedding Planner (47)

Their wedding cake had a cute lego topper, cunningly modeled to look just like Gavin and Clare and their meal consisted of slow-cooked lamb and mouth-watering tabbouleh made to a recipe perfected by the Bride herself and passed onto Sam’s team. In the evening bacon butties were distributed and Hope Mill Theatre’s bar served a range of spirits and specialist ales from the Seven Sisters brewery (specifically requested by the Groom).


Their first dance was held to Etta James’s ‘At Last’ until the light of a golden disco ball and was undoubtedly the top romantic moment of the whole evening. Soon afterwards the party really got started and the entire bridal party began throwing shapes to a mix of classics from Destiny’s Child to the Arctic Monkeys to MC Hammer. You really couldn’t touch them.Ancoats-Theatre-Photography-Manchester-Wedding-Photographer-Embee-Photography-Best-Photographer-Northwest_Stefanie-Elrick-Alternative-Weddings-Manchester-Wedding Planner (58)

All in all the day was a roaring success and we wish Gavin and Clare all the best in their new lives together. We know you two will never stop giggling x

You can see the full album of pictures here

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