One of Our Alternative Weddings made it into Rock ‘n Roll Bride!

This week started off brilliantly here at HQ because we finally got our first wedding on Rock ‘n Roll Brides much celebrated blog!

We’re normally not fussed about mainstream magazines (they don’t really speak our language) but this amazing magazine, full of rainbow haired couples, tattooed beauties and quirky couples of all persuasions, shapes and sizes rolling up their sleeves and doing things differently is right up our street!

R’nR Bride sets the standard for adventurous couples who want to push convention out the window. It’s full of folks insistent on doing things their way, who aren’t afraid to stand out and who, above all else, want laughter and fun at their wedding!

Stefanie Fetterman Humanist Ceremonies Alternative Weddings Manchester Dennis Badger Den Glanzig Photography Cae Mabon (234)

It was actually our Autumn Equinox wedding that made it on to the blog because (unsurprisingly) the magical eco-village of Cae Mabon got them just as excited as us.

Here’s some of our favourite quotes,

People were jumping out of the hot tub straight into the stream, our friend Pat was running around naked shouting ‘Clothes are for sissys!!’ some were making sculptures out of pebbles in the stream, others were making their crowns and garlands from things they foraged in the woods! Everyone just got really crafty and let their hair down.”


We had two wedding crowns made for us by people close to us (Loren’s was made by his brother Wyeth who collected antlers and bear teeth in Colorado) and we decided we should complete a challenge in order for us to ‘win’ our crowns – like in olden times when you set a challenge for your suitor to prove their worth!

It really was a once-in-a-lifetime event!

This year we already have 24 weddings booked in (and counting!) and will be transforming village halls in Cheshire, award-winning theaters in Ancoats and conducting humanist wedding ceremonies at Gorilla, the Roman Lakes in Marple, Victoria Warehouse, the Hilton Hotel and many many more. It’s certainly going to be a lot of fun!

So now we can officially display our ‘Rock Star Vendor’ badge with pride and hope that this is the just the start of another incredible year of Alternative Weddings!


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