Fairytale Designs for Alternative Brides & Jodie Cartman’s Fantasy Couture


Styling yourself as an alternative bride is so much fun, especially with all the incredible artists and independent designers willing to collaborate on bespoke ideas. With a million different looks, fabrics, colours and themes out there the options are endless and as long as you don’t get overwhelmed by choice (it’s easily done) nothing is more exciting.

Working closely with a designer of your choice to create your dress, jewelry, tiara or headpiece makes anything possible. Whether you’re a Gothic Beauty, an Elvin Empress, a Flower Child or a Fairy Queen the only limit is your own imagination!


In August 2016 my very good friend Sarah Tomlinson married another very good friend Arran Jones. Sarah is a spiritual creature with a psychedelic soul and Arran is a Northern dandy and ardent nature lover. Their wedding was always going to be gloriously unconventional and when I got an invitation to the gorgeous Michelham Priory in East Sussex I knew I was in for a treat.


Having spent their 20’s prancing to psy-trance and stomping to drum ‘n bass in the city of Manchester this pair have now made their nest in the country, squirreled away with two cats sharing a love of all things quirky and hand-crafted. Though she kept it a close secret it was no surprise that Sarah wanted a unique bridal look that crossed Medieval beauty with fantastical flair. Lucky for her she had some talented friends who could make that happen.


Her dress by White Leaf Boutique in Brighton included layers of dipped-dyed silk drapes and a gorgeous lace bodice, with a long floaty train that beautifully tied to her hands to look like angel wings, but the cherry on top of the cake was a couture  headpiece made by Jodie Cartman (also known as Fumbalina) which incorporated charms bought by Sarah whilst on her hen party in the magical land of Glastonbury.

These tiny trinkets such as a golden tree of life, a green man face, a delicate fairy cast and coiling metallic hearts were a beautiful touch that made this design utterly unique and, as with all Jodie Cartman creations, it was completely one of a kind. It made Sarah a pagan princess in every way! You can see Jodie Cartman’s most recent work in her latest Sleepwalkers Shoot, here’s just a few of our favourites from that amazing collection.


We love Arran and Sarah to the moon and back and were so honored to share their big day with them. They couldn’t look happier!



Photographs by Marianne Chua



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