A Very Special Alternative Wedding on the Supermoon for Stefanie Elrick and Loren Fetterman


Monday 14th November was a very special day, not only because of the once in a lifetime supermoon but because Stefanie Elrick, Alternative Weddings founder, married the love of her life Loren Fetterman and became Stefanie Fetterman.

Stefanie and Loren originally planned a big pagan celebration in the Welsh countryside in Sept 2017 but due to the ill health of her Grandfather they decided to push things forward. Ironically, a woman who has spent the past year planning other people’s weddings for anything up to a year and a half, planned her own wedding in less than 2months. The pagan party will still go ahead in 2017, so in a brilliant twist of fate Loren and Stefanie will get two opportunities to celebrate their love!

At short notice the happy couple decided to hold their ceremony in a small registry office in the historic market town of Skipton (where Stefanie went to school) and booked an intimate reception venue for close friends and family at Cruck Barn in Appletreewick in Yorkshire.

Cruck Barn is an exact replica of a Tudor barn built by Craven Arms’ own Rob Aynesworth for his bride for their wedding. No modern techniques were used in its construction and the venue is supported by two giant oak trees split in two, with a traditional heather thatched roof and large fireplace in its centre. The atmosphere inside the barn on a blustery November was beautiful, candlelit and cosy and was perfect for a reception of 30.

Loren and Stefanie wanted to get married on a full moon and so chose the unusual day of Mon to get wed. They chose deep purple and silver as their colour scheme and Stefanie wore a moonstone tiara, a moonstone necklace brought back from Colorado by her new mother-in-law and white and black owl feathers in her hair. Her simple but beautifully feminine snow white silk dress was commissioned from the wonderful Louise Chipperfield and she wore knee high purple boots to finish off the look. Stefanie and her sisters Mollie and Kayleigh arranged all the flowers themselves choosing ruby red roses, purple Astrantias, unusual looking Brunia, dark winter berries and white Excaliburs for the table arrangements.

Stefanie’s dream was to become a Moon Goddess for the day and share a humble but powerful alchemical wedding with her love.

Stefanie’s mum created a gorgeous tower of chocolate and butter cream mini-cakes, decorated with rose petals and dusted with icing sugar and Spice Kitchen provided homemade Hibiscus Sloe Gin favours. For those who didn’t drink Orange and Geranium truffles were provided by the Bon Bon Boutique in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

For the evening’s entertainment folk duo Lucy and Virginia played a soul-shivering acoustic set by the fireside, with Stefanie joining them to sing Warpaint’s ‘Baby’, her and Loren’s song. It’s rumoured that even the Bride Groom shed a little tear…

After that the day shifted gears and Loren and Stefanie kicked off the party by sharing their first dance to ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye. After that nothing could stop the families from letting rip on the dance floor.

It couldn’t have been a more magical day and as you can see from the pictures everyone was moved by the deep love at the heart of the event. Stefanie’s Grandfather had a lovely day and even stole the show with his impromptu speech. If this was just a warm-up for Loren and Stefanie’s bigger pagan wedding next year at Cae Mabon then we wouldn’t be surprised if they explode with happiness!


All photos taken by the wonderful and very talented Adrian Czarny and Milena Raczkowska who will also be filming next years celebration in Wales!



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