Carla and Ashley – A Couple of Rum Lovebirds

Carla and Ashley have been with us from the very beginning, at a time when Alternative Weddings Manchester were just starting out and Hope Mill Theatre was first transforming into the award winning theatre it is today. When back when in the Autumn of 2015, Carla and Ashley were on the case.

Carla and Ashley Morton Stefanie Fetterman Alternative Weddings Manchester Ceremonies (34)


Our first meeting took place using a door panel as a desk, the front doors were just getting painted and the shelving units were being built, and they still saw its potential. To say Carla is organised is an understatement. This woman is on it, all over it and beyond it and we started planning 2 years in advance. It’s been a pleasure to get to know her and Ashley and see the laughter, more laughter and even more laughter along the way.

Carla knew exactly what she wanted, something elegant and classy but still fun for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. She wanted a wedding-vibe that caught people by surprise and got them dancing ’til the wee hours. Ashley wanted lots of rum and he was happy as long as Carla was. Match made in heaven right?

Carla thought of everyone providing a games corner for the kids, flip-flops for the ladies sore feet later on in the evening, a salsa band for the dancers and a mouth-watering BBQ by Clever Catering. It was incredible how much food these guys managed to cook on gas hobs under a gazebo and it was the fastest service we’ve ever seen! Everyone got a plate piled high with fresh sea-bass, lamb kebabs, grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, halloumi and gorgeous salads, there was no difficult decision choosing what you wanted, you got it all! The vegetarians and meat eaters were both equally delighted. Of all the caterers we’ve worked with, these guys really did tick every box. Fast, delicious and professional.

Inside Hope Mill we dressed our rustic trestle tables with moss and a mixture of white daisies and deep magenta flowers. Accompanied by the different brands of rum bottles that Carla had filled with fairy lights the whole space had quite a Caribbean beachy-vibe.

Everyone kicked up their heels at the reception whilst Latino music played and the bride and groom provided popcorn and sweets and cleverly created their own photo-booth and prop station. There was no shortage of posing for the camera as you can from these amazing pictures from Bara Weddings and that’s when the flip-flops definitely came in handy!

I’m genuinely sad now this wedding has come and gone because working with Carla was a pure dream. One of her bridesmaid’s told me,

“Carla’s a real worrier and she told me the one thing she wasn’t worried about was the wedding ‘cos she you knew got it.”

I think we just really did “get” each other and watching Carla and Ashley really was as emotional as watching two friends getting married. Who am I going bandy excel spreadsheets back and forth with now???

All the best Carla and Ashley, you deserve every happiness in the world xxx







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