Conducting a Humanist Ceremony for your Besties is the Best!

Stefanie Fetterman Ceremonies

Over the past 3yrs I’ve had the absolute pleasure of conducting nearly 30 personalised humanist ceremonies for various couples; from regal affairs of 150 people near Bolton Abbey, to hippie lovefest’s in tipi’s in Mobberly, as well as woodlands hidden deep in the wilds of Sheffield. Variety is something my job promises in abundance and each wedding ceremony has been completely different, but never have I married two of my oldest friends. This is really the stuff of dreams for me and hopefully won’t be the last!

I’ve known Kat and Mark (now Mr & Mrs Baron!) since my early Uni days, and have seen them grow and flourish as a couple since they met. We’ve been out partying together as rowdy students, woke up in muddy festival tents many a time, had lots of adventures in Manchester and hiked up Mordor like slopes in the Peaks. When they asked…

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