Creative Wedding Photography by Nicola Hunter

Your wedding photo-album should be a thing of precious beauty. It should fill you with the same loving buzz that you felt on your wedding day and be both a memento and an heirloom to treasure forever. What better way to make sure that happens than by hiring an artist to be your photographer and making sure every single image is a masterpiece in its own right?



Our ethos is very much one of cost-effective creativity, and whilst we believe a good photographer is priceless we also think they don’t necessarily have to cost the earth. If you can find a wedding photographer who has a sensitive and attentive eye, the tech-savvy know how to capture all the right moments in the best setting (and without being too intrusive!) and has a subtle yet imaginative flair in the after edits then you’ve really found someone special.

Nicola Hunter Photography Alternative Weddings Stefanie Fetterman Ceremonies (9)

Nicola Hunter is such a person and has actually only just made the transition into weddings from fine art and photography with Love in Focus Photography. As well as painting and making performance art she creates art prints and has been producing for over a decade years that is evocative and elegant and real. You can see from these stunning pictures captured at Lime Tree Farm last summer (at a very special ceremony overflowing with uniqueness and love) that she’s an absolute natural and we couldn’t be more excited to see her flourish in the wedding world.


It doesn’t take much to capture the usual line-ups of family but what you really want is someone who can capture the details, the little moments and the things you will inevitably miss during the happy chaos of the day.

For this wedding Nicola’s style was warm, dreamy and looks somewhat ‘olden day’. She’s matched the earthy tone of the bride and groom outfits, the pagan / Nordic feel of the hand-fasting ceremony and the natural wilderness beauty of the space with the colours in each picture, giving them a soft edged focus and dusky pink, burnt orange and stormy palette.

Nicola Hunter Photography Alternative Weddings Stefanie Fetterman Ceremonies (12)

Nicola’s work is stunning and we’ll certainly be recommending her for our upcoming Alternative Weddings. She’d love it if you got in touch, so drop her a message at if you think you might like her to photograph your wedding.

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