Free Thinking Floral Designs by Alternative Weddings Manchester

When we started Alternative Weddings Manchester we had no idea that within a year of business, as well as helping people co-ordinate and style a range of unusual wedding venues, we’d also be taking on a whole range of creative flower commissions!

California Garden PartyMedieval WinterBahama Beach, Pagan Equinox, Wildflower Charm – these are just some of the briefs we’ve brought to life at Hope Mill Theatre, Band on the Wall, Hulme Community Garden Centre, a cowshed in Sale, The Deaf Institute, Siddington Town Hall, Cruck Barn in Yorkshire and many other venues!



We love flowers, I mean, we seriously love them. We could happily spend hours (if not days) at our favourite wholesalers just learning about exotic and unusual blooms and we truly believe they are a crucial part of any wedding. Floral creativity will bring colour, elegance and a welcome touch of wilderness to any venue – no matter how urban or industrial!

Flowers are gorgeous but let’s be frank, they are also perishable. They are the main culprit of the wedding budget that can become needlessly expensive. So whilst it’s important to be realistic about your costs you must stay savvy to avoid spending more than you really should be paying.


We offer our floral design services as an addition to our wedding planner packages or as an independent commission and because of this we work differently to most florists. Instead of charging you per item (per bouquet, pin-hole, table arrangement, sculptural piece etc) we ask you to give us your ideal flower budget and then work within that figure, only charging you a fixed “arranging fee” for prep beforehand (assessed on the scale of your wedding and the time needed).


Unlike conventional florists we take you directly to our wholesale supplier and let you pick the seasonal blossoms you like the most, allowing you to make choices based on the most up to date market prices ensuring you are only paying cost price. We don’t ask you to pick from a catalogue of pre-made arrangements and as far as we’re concerned, there are no right or wrongs as to what you can mix or match!

It’s worked beautifully for many of our couples, as you can see from all of our pictures!


So please get in touch if you’d like to chat more about the possibilities, whether it’s a Jungle Disco or a fairy tale fantasy, we’d love to make your dream a reality!

Alternative Weddings Manchester Stefanie Fetterman Ceremonies Mike Plunkett Photography (3)

Email Stef at for more info


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